Friday, March 13, 2009

Environmentally Friendly Motor Oil?

This afternoon while working I had a rerun of CSI: NY on in the background and did not think much of it until I heard one of the characters identify the motor oil that leaked from a suspect’s cab as G Oil. The character went on to explain that it was an environmental option because it was created from animal by-products. I love watching crime shows to hear fancy words and learn what they are so when the flashy sounding G Oil was mentioned I looked away from the project I was working on to pay attention.

Like any good Greenie I wondered if this was real or something contrived for television so I went right to Google and sure enough the top result led me directly to Green Earth Technologies (GET) where I came upon a picture of the motor oil bottle just featured on the show. Not only that but they manufacture complete lines of Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Marine and Household cleaning products.

The company boasts on the website banner “Save the Earth. Sacrifice Nothing” and with the SM Certification this bio-based oil has received it seems they are proud to put their money where their mouth is; they are the only bio-based motor oil to have passed the test to receive the certification. In addition to the ability to provide optimum performance in all vehicle types, the oil is considered ultimate biodegradable, their bottles are created from 25 - 100% post consumer plastic, the bottles are recyclable and their labels are printed with water based ink on recycled paper.

Due to the fact that I have not used this product to personally attest to its performance, yet with all of these amazing eco-friendly advances the company is attempting I am going to grant GET and its environmentally friendly motor oil an initial Three Green Leaves!

The next time I have my oil changed I will consider looking into this innovative oil product.


Bridgete said...

Ooh! Now that I have a working car I'll have to look into this. =)

Hyla said...

Our van sucks oil and by searching there website they are featured at ACE Hardware stores and we have one in town, I am going to check this out tomorrow!!!!

Whoo HoooO!

wylde otse said...

Chainsaw-bar oil is ridiculously expensive where I live... canola oil is ridiculously cheap. -Works fine, and doesn't put heavy fossil petroleum products into biosphere (best with manual oiler).

[and oh, a note to on Green/Alt Burials...I looked over at some of blogger profiles when I was there, on yours "...My biggest pet peeve is poorly edited writing. This includes spelling and punctuation. ...".
Well, I looked over my post and immediately became defensive. I had spelled what might have been 'wherewithal', as "were-with-all". Not to pun-ish anyone, the other bank of the Styx might be "am-with-one". (besides I don't like the hint of upper-crust British intonation to "wherewithal".)
Punctuation is something else - yet, there may be an unusual pause in a sentence that calls for heroic measures that would have brought a pointed frown on my English professor's brow. { and btw, I have an excellent cure for arachnophobia :o}