Sunday, March 1, 2009

President Barack Obama Discusses His Proposed Budget

In his most recent radio address on February 28, President Barack Obama discussed the assurances he made for increased support in key areas, and those promises which he truly plans to keep, with the new fiscal budget. He has indicated he is ready to “fight for it” but this raises the issue of understanding what is going to be supported under the new budget; what is the “it”.

I strongly encourage everyone to visit The White House and click on over to the Office of Management and Budget page to review the proposed financial outlay for each department, as well as the Full Budget pdf. The Full Budget is well worth the read as numbers, graphs and real in-your-face information is put to us plainly. It is a long document (142 pages including cover, etc) but something every American should allow themselves the time to review so President Obama’s goal of transparency can begin to be achieved. Only when we are completely informed can we understand what we are fighting for!

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ginger said...

go! fight! win!

exactly! i often hear people questioning his policies and judgment (as though he's the one that created the mess we're currently in) and i often point out to them that he is, in fact, a full disclosure kind of guy when it comes to his plans for us all. i tell them to visit so they can read all about it so they can educate themselves and get involved.