Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fox Show "24" Goes Completely Carbon Neutral

There are only a few shows I watch these days and one of them is the action packed Fox show 24. This past Monday night, we learned during one of the commercial breaks that this show has become the first ever television program to become completely carbon neutral. Way to go 24!

The information could have been easily missed as they did not tout the fact repeatedly (as I felt they should have!) but rather, during just one commercial break, Kiefer Sutherland simply asked people to check out for more details. After a bit of searching I came across the article detailing the show’s environmental efforts.

About a year ago the show aimed to reduce their carbon footprint and through strong efforts managed to do so by 43%. By acquiring additional carbon offsets (wind projects) they will achieve the complete reduction of the show’s remaining 57% this year. Please check out the article by News Corp to review the twelve initiatives the entire cast and production crew have accomplished since the start of filming season seven. There have been four announcements filmed (the first as referenced above) and all will be aired during the show on Monday nights. These PSA’s will not only alert the public viewing population to the efforts of the show itself but what we as individuals can do to reduce our own carbon footprint for a positive impact on climate change.

With this solid of an effort I am granting 24 the very honorable Five Green Leaf Rating!

I hope every show on television takes a cue from 24 and works as intently to reduce or completely neutralize their own carbon footprint. I will be watching every week and applauding your Green adventures!


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that's because jack bauer would make chuck norris cry just by staring at him.

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