Monday, February 22, 2010

Bloom Box Already In Place at Major Corporations

Google, eBay, Staples, Walmart. These are just a few of the companies who are taking advantage of the latest in fuel cell technology as provided by Bloom Energy.

The Bloom Box is a tightly packaged box that can draw energy from just about any source to provide electricity at about half the usage need as other types and will utilize solar, wind, methane, hydro, natural gas or fossil fuels to draw its power. Not only does it save the source but it will save the client boat loads of money.

I only had a chance to catch this last night on 60 Minutes so I haven’t done a bunch of research into its history, viability or future plans but I encourage everyone to check out the clip from last night’s show and see for yourself how this latest inexpensive, zero emission, fuel cell innovation could potentially revolutionize energy technologies for the Greener. If K.R. Sridhar has his way there will even be one gracing the organic vegetable garden at the White House.

Go directly to the Bloom Energy video where they encourage us to be responsible, part of the overall solution.

Or check out the full 60 Minutes segment from last night’s show (also below).

What do you think? Can this type of technology change our way of thinking about how and where our energy comes from?

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1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

Sounds intriguing, hope it's not just a pipe-dream that's here today and vanishes tomorrow.

Whenever I go on a road trip I find myself wondering if there could ever be a way to disconnect the world from its tangle of electric lines and those massive electric towers that span continents for miles on end.

Even had a story in my head about a scientist that invents a fantastic device that would produce electricity in homes and buildings making power plants, electric switch stations and the national power "grid" obsolete. Of course he gets a lot of hassle from all the power companies.
And then there's the problem of all those people who are employed in some way, directly or indirectly. with providing a nation with power. Is my fantasy becoming reality ?