Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Faux Like A Pro Goes Greener with ECOglaze

Many of you know that I run my own business, Chucka Stone Designs, as a professional Wall Artist installing specialty faux treatments using products such as paints, glazes and plasters. Wall finishing gained a bad rep after the ragging and sponging techniques of the 80’s and 90’s went out of fashion, but there are worlds of options for cool finishes aside from those old school ones that I couldn’t even begin to list them all here! I love my job and enjoy beautifying someone’s living or working environment but as a Greenie I have frequently asked myself, how do I justify working with paint?

For a long time I was conflicted about my abilities because some of the best materials presented potential environmental hazards such as harmful off gassing. So to ensure I was still being as environmentally responsible as possible I off set by reusing materials and searching out the most eco friendly selections on the market. So you can imagine my elation when just last week I read about one of my favorite suppliers, Faux Like A Pro, having introduced a brand new glaze to the market called ECOglaze.

The product is a water based, low-VOC glaze that is non-toxic and presents no odor. When they say low-VOC, the glaze presents at 200g per liter. As compared to their original low-VOC, water based glazing option, at only 150g per liter but which presents an odor and can be toxic, the new ECOglaze is a clear winner.

I have sent a request out to the company to get a little bit of additional information as to the difference between the two options, and if I receive a sample of ECOglaze to give it a go I will definitely be posting a follow up review here. But for now I just wanted to give a shout to one of my favorite faux products providers and say how excited I am to be back out there again, especially seeing innovative materials such as this so I can present even healthier options to my clients!

Thanks for keeping a solid eye on the planet Faux Like A Pro! ♥love♥

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