Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lunt Solar Systems Has Revolutionized the Way We Look (Directly) at the Sun

Remember when you were a kid and adults said not to look directly at the sun because you could burn your eye balls? Some of us said ‘okay’ and went on our way, but people like Andrew Lunt, Owner of Lunt Solar Systems, never quite gave up the hankering for staring directly at the sun. He spent twenty years developing, testing, assembling and perfecting Lunt Solar System’s line of telescopes and filters made specifically for doing just that.

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking…“How cool is that?”

I felt the exact same way!

Based out of Tucson, Arizona, Lunt Solar telescopes and filters are carried in shops in nine states across the United States including California, Idaho, Oklahoma, New York and Georgia among others, and there are worldwide dealers in twenty seven other countries across the globe. Each ‘scope is created upon order, tested for performance and safety and then shipped out to the client individually. This means lead time is longer but the quality of the piece is greatly enhanced as it was not a model pulled from stock.

Andy is married to my sister’s best friend so I got some first hand info on some of the amazing achievements he has had in the past year alone. In 2009 his LS60 Pressure Tuned Telescope was awarded the prestigious honor of being named one of Popular Science’s Hot Products for the year. Right on! Plus he was filmed as part of a documentary on solar eclipses and what one can use to watch them safely.

I am no scientist and much of the technical, scientific aspects of his ‘scopes go way above my limited knowledge of wavelengths, nanometers, spectrums and other related terms defined by light but I do know that by spending a little extra time over at the Lunt Solar Blog or viewing the details of either the Visual Package or the Imaging Package I would gain a world of knowledge essential to any budding solar viewing enthusiast!

We over here at GLR love to dive into researching the truly Green, geeky, cool, funky and unique and Lunt Solar fits just about all of those categories with ease. Much time will be spent doing research! Congrats Andy, here’s to many more years of innovative developments in the realm of seeing the sky and its biggest star from a different angle!

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