Saturday, February 27, 2010

Faux Like A Pro ECOglaze Catching Up with Mark London

After my first article on this truly innovative product, Mark was gracious enough to send me out a sample to test it out for myself. Not only that but he was willing to take a few minutes to answer some of my questions regarding this glaze and the company as a whole. Thanks Mark!

A Professional Finisher’s Take

My initial reaction to this professional quality glaze was “awesome!!!”. I first used it to create a sample board of (my very favorite finish) tumbled tile. (Please note this is also a big part of why I’ve been so sparse of late but I promise to get back to posting full swing again!)

The glaze mixed into paint really smoothly and I had no issues tinting with universal pigments. It is a heavier base than a commercially sold version (Behr, Benjamin Moore, etc) and for us professionals that can be marvelous depending on the finish; it really resists sagging and running but it is important to note the open time (time it remains wet & workable) is reduced slightly. I can not wait for the full sizes to be available; this is a product that will be used for the vast majority of my finishes from now on!

The Skinny On FLAP Products Like ECOglaze

I asked a couple questions of the man in the know and here is what Mark had to say.

What got FLAP interested in moving in this Green direction?

Even though our "long open-time" glaze is still considered eco-friendly, we felt it was the only product in our line that needed a "green cousin" ... this is why we produced ECOglaze. All of our decorative plasters, pigments, waxes and varnishes have LOW VOC ratings. Our Venetian plasters are less than 50g. per liter.

When is the glaze going to be available to purchase in larger quantities?

We're shooting for an April, 2010 launch.

Will it come in both quart and gallon sizes?

Because this product is marketed to contractors and professionals, it will be sold in gallons. This will enable us to provide discount pricing. A 4-gallon case is only $49.95 per gallon. Most other glazes in this class sell for $55-$65/gallon.

Is this an item you intend to work into your classes?

Yes. We will use this glaze to teach marbleizing, wood graining and other conducive surfaces.

Based on the success of this product would you consider Greening up other products in your line?

Our line has been eco-friendly since 2001 when we produced the original formulas. We intend on keeping true to our Eco Mission.

How It Is Leaf Rated

How cool is that? I can personally attest to the stability and function of many of their other eco products; as a professional finisher I have to say there is nothing quite like using a product that not only does what it says its going to do but doesn’t make me feel yucky while using it. One of my all time favorites is their varnish top coats, specifically the dead flat. I haven’t stumbled across another that comes close to its equal in durability, low odor and performance.

Because they are so committed to keeping their impact as low as possible as well as the fact that the ECOglaze does exactly what it says it will do, I am granting it a Four Leaf Rating!

Faux Like A Pro is so committed to the planet as well as providing beautiful finishing materials and tools for the professional finisher at a price we can afford. You are way ahead of the curve! ♥love♥


Almost Precious said...

Sounds good, so many faux finish paints seem to reek with fumes and odor. Do you know if their varnish can be applied over other brand paints ?

I don't know what it is about your blogs but I get some of the neatest word verifications...right now I'm looking at the word CONCH yeah, just like the Conch Republic. LOL

Almost Precious said...

Shoot, got so involved with the the word verification I forgot to say how great your faux tiles look. I thought they were real tiles, your work is awesome !!

Jenn said...

You're too sweet Anna, thank you so much! I totally ♥ these folks! I have used their varnish over Benjamin Moore paint & even some other faux brand glazes and it held up beautifully! This reminds me, I really need to order some since I'm running super low!

I also owe you an email, off to send that now :-)

Almost Precious said...

Oh great, I post my comment with the double "the's" and get some wishy washy word verification and now I see the new WV is finkl ... "finkl, finkl little star" ... Think maybe I had too much coffee this morning.

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