Friday, March 26, 2010

Eco Fashion Friday Catching Back UP with threadUP

Good morning all you fine fashionable folks in bloggyland! Another week has passed and it is hard to believe but we’re already back around to Eco Fashion Friday! I recently got word from my friends over at threadUP that the clothing exchange website for kids is open and ready to rock!


We profiled this company and their unique concept back in January. The company facilitates the exchange of gently worn clothing. This particular division works with kids clothing and although I don’t have any kids of my own, I know a few people who will benefit greatly from the advent of this awesome concept!

How does it work? Easily!

Parents get on the website, list a box of clothing (that their child has out grown) to send, then pick a box to receive from another parent. Done. Plain and simple. Just that easy!

Signing up is quick and membership is free. Oh yes, that’s right. All you pay for is the shipping cost to send the box then sit back and wait for new clothing to arrive for your own little one!

With the rate at which kids grow and outgrow clothing this is just a fantastic concept.

If you’re a parent short on time to shop, looking to get rid of some clothing out of your kid’s closet and want to replace it rather inexpensively then get over to


And join Ryker in packing up a box of your own gently worn clothing for another kid to enjoy!

Thanks threadUP for pioneering such a time and money saving venture for so many parents out there! ♥love♥


Karen said...

Really neat idea! I'll send this link to my daughter :)

Almost Precious said...

Great idea for young mommies and a neat way to get new garments for the kids and save some money...not to mention storage space. How many moms have hung on to those wee little clothes thinking they'd pass them on down, then as the years pass by the clothes become out of date!

jdavissquared said...

sounds like a fun idea! i don't have any little ones either, but maybe someday i can make use of it!

i found you on etsy forums, and hope you'll come visit me too!