Friday, March 19, 2010

Eco Fashion Friday is Back!

Good morning friends! It has been far too long since an eco fashion feature happened over here and because of that I’m planning to showcase a few today. I am not assigning leaf ratings to any of these shops today but please note they are all members of the fabulous Team EcoEtsy! Over the course of the next few weeks I plan to further investigate these fun, breathtaking, funky and cool shops and do true full features on each so stay tuned!

This men’s tee comes from HorisJapanBlue and utilizes natural indigo in a Shibori pattern to transform the natural cotton tee. A great one of a kind piece for the guys at $36.

Upcycling pieces from trashed men’s suits, this hip and funky Chase Handbag comes from mandinka. $120 is a steal for a one of a kind luxe bag. This is on my birthday wishlist, hint-hint Matt!

Water based ink and canvas make up this bucket for single sock storage. Seriously inklore, this could NOT be any cuter or more functional! Hard to believe its only $30.

This organic cotton sateen dress from windyhillfibers is perfect for the upcoming warmer months. Tie in front or back, wear with a jacket or not, the $95 price tag buys multiple looks.

A recycled denim cloche hat goes with anything, dress it up with a fancy ribbon or keep it casual with shorts in the summer. AnnyMay this is an adorable piece at only $30!


Girly Green Girl said...

Thanks - I LOVE those bags!!

Almost Precious said...

Wonderful picks and great upcycling and recycling of items too precious to end up in a rubbish bin. Agree with you 100% on the neat purse made from men's imaginative is that ? Even has one of the suit pockets incorporated in it...very clever.

wylde otse said...

I understand denim is making a come-back (hard to keep a good cloth down).
Apparently David Beckham breached the citadel of civilized fashion by wearing a light jean-jacket with darker color jeans. We have yet to see the cosmic dust settle on that one.
I love the hat; not just original - a work of art.(but, prob. too large for my only companion at this time; a male cat :o)

lifestyle week said...

Thanks for these cool n crazy ideas. Its just the most sustainably fashioned that one can be. Great imaginative works with eco friendly fabrics. I love them all.