Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Tuesday Pretty, What A Deal From Almost Precious!

While perusing the virtual aisles over on Etsy yesterday I stopped by the shop of a good friend -- Almost Precious. Um, not only is this gorgeous but at an amazing price!

To go direct to the item listing page, and snatch up this baby immediately, go HERE.

You had better hurry up though, if its still there on payday I’m definitely going to beat you to it! Beautiful work Anna!

For all of you jewelry designers out there, Almost Precious carries a slew of gorgeous beads and jewelry making supplies at really super reasonable prices and currently has all of her handmade pieces on clearance.

Happy shopping!


Almost Precious said...

Oh gosh Jenn, I don't know how this one totally slipped by me. How sweet of you to mention this on your blog. I am truly blushing !!!

Thanks sooo much. Just wish I had ran across it sooner so my thanks and appreciation wasn't so late in coming. I'm sending you a big internet hug. (( ♥ ))

Jenn said...

Well it is certainly super gorgeous! I hope it has sold by now (???) If not though, it won't be long until I get paid for my next faux job so I fully intend to pick this up for me :-)

Hugs right back to ya Anna! ♥