Saturday, March 6, 2010

Eco Joe - Environmentally Friendly Home Selling Helper

My step mother is a Real Estate Broker so for years now I have known about the secret of the use of Saint Joseph that many Brokers use to assist in selling their listed homes. A small statue of Joe is buried in a particular location on the property and it is said he will assist in bringing in a buyer as he was always the guy who helped Jesus have a roof over his head.

The problem with most of the Saint Joseph statues out there is that they are made from plastic and if the Real Estate Agent or owner forgets to dig him back up again after the sale (or in our case can’t break ground due to snow cover!) the plastic and its coating can leech poisonous chemicals into the soil over time.

Probably not what Joseph had in mind all those years ago when he was working in construction right? Likely, no. So instead of using those chemically toxic versions Founder, Cindy Lin, developed and introduced us to Eco Joe.

The packaging Joe come in is minimal, from 100% post-consumer content and printed using soy based ink. It can also be recycled after use and it is recommended all over the box to do so. The company purchases carbon offset credits to account for its shipping impact and each quarter their proceeds support a different charity (they even take requests as to a new one to sponsor!).

But best of all is the statue itself. The 4-1/2” Joe statue is cast out of Earth friendly and non-toxic clay. It feels like one of those bare porcelain statues kids would get in ceramics class to paint but there is not a drop of paint on him. The price for the kit is reasonable too -- listed at just $14.99 as opposed to the plastic version at $10.99 -- well within range for most real estate pros.

With the strong likelihood that this practice will be adhered to by industry pros for generations to come I thin Eco Joe is a truly innovative product that helps keep the impact of divine intervention to the minimum possible, promotes social consciousness through donation to charity, is into recycling and minimal packaging and that is why I am awarding the ever elusive Five Leaf Rating to this cool concept!

Thanks for taking an already existing concept and improving on its planetary impact without compromising its function Eco Joe! ♥love♥


Almost Precious said...

Good to hear that someone's finally made old Joe eco friendly. Gosh, just think of all those statues that are probably still buried out there...from ages ago!

Julie said...

I ♥ this! :)

ECOJOE™ said...

Thank you so so much for the praises! We really appreciate it :) We feel it is very important to be responsible real estate professionals. EcoJoe is just a very small statue, but what he represents -- the tradition, the intention and replacing plastic statues -- are mighty!

I do want to make one clarification. EcoJoe is not currently bio-degradable because in Catholic traditions, the relics that you bury are not to be bio-degradable. BUT EcoJoe is still made 100% out of clay, and will not harm the earth when it's left there. We are exploring future options for customers who want a truly bio-degradable option.

Feel free to check us out on Facebook as well. We got lots of great friends on there and we always want to reach out to more and develop a great green community. :)

Cindy / Founder + GM @ EcoJoe

Jenn said...

Thanks for checking this out ladies! I am so excited to give this to my step mom so she can sell her next house in a more Earth responsible manner!

Cindy I really appreciate you stopping by to read the review and leave a comment! Your product is truly one of those eye openers that when it is discovered it will be the only thing a RE Agent will use (I hope!) for all future needs since it still gets the job done but in a more responsible manner! Thanks for the tip on being non-biodegradable, I have changed that in the post.