Friday, April 16, 2010

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Alexandra Ferguson

Today’s Eco Fashion Friday feature is all about the fashions for the home. Alexandra Ferguson, a talented member of the EcoEtsy team, stitches up some seriously graphic, fun message pillows from her Westchester County, New York shop. But the coolest thing of all? The felt is made from water bottles!

With 268 sales since she opened shop in January of 2009, and a 100% positive seller rating, Alexandra Ferguson is a true home fashion contender! With so many funky designs and an array of colorways, there is sure to be a design or two to please even the most discerning of Interior Design fashionistas. Don’t worry, they are not all as blunt as the featured photo, I just happen to love that one!

Starting at $45 the pillows go up to around $120 and range in size from 12” x 12” up to 22” and some rectangular shapes in between. Although the price may seem out of reach for some, a really fun, well placed and punchy accessory such as this will add just the right flair to a room and definitely makes a better gift than a sweater!

Custom orders are accepted, as is PayPal and all major credit cards. Each pillow is created with the custom Alexandra Ferguson tag, the recycled water bottle felt, and has a zipper closure which makes for ease of cleaning either the cover or the pillow insert (poly fill).

Because this shop is so committed to making something longer lasting out of a once-disposable resource such as a plastic water bottle, and does it with such attention to detail and flair, I am granting Alexandra Ferguson a Three Leaf Rating!

Your creativity and talent shine through your love for the planet Alexandra Ferguson! ♥love♥

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