Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Trustees of Reservations has Two New Members!

Last year while we took our annual vacation to Martha’s Vineyard with our friends, Matt and I started looking into the benefits of becoming a member of The Trustees of Reservations. This organization runs many of the guard shacks to some of our favorite locations on the Vineyard but we both knew there must be a whole lot more to this organization’s benefits than simply getting into beach parking lots for free.

What we discovered is that there is a whole lot more!

Matt’s birthday just passed (on April 16) and sometime back in February I had decided to give him a gift of membership as I knew it was something not only he, but our whole family (and maybe even a couple friends!) would gain great use from.

He was so excited to receive a Supporting level membership as his gift but for those not in the know, I guess I should tell you just what that includes!

As a Supporting level member we get to enjoy the benefits of --
☼ Free access (for up to 4) at over 100 reservations, maintained and protected by the employees of the Trustees and its many volunteers, all across Massachusetts and the islands (including Crane Beach, a premiere beach in Massachusetts for Trustee members only).
☼ A free copy of the Property Guide, which shares vital information about every single place they maintain, and annual subscription to the quarterly magazine Special Places.
☼ Discounts at their two bed and breakfast locations as well as at tons of events across the state that occur year round.
☼ A full year’s membership to celebrate all the seasons!
☼ A car window sticker to proudly display our commitment to the cause.
☼ Knowledge that 75% of my membership dues went directly to support the annual operating costs of the organization’s properties.
☼ A tax deductable portion of the membership dues.

Needless to say there are TONS of ways to volunteer, donate time (or man power) or take advantage of the many special places the Trustees care for annually and we intend to visit or enjoy as many of them as we can over the next year!

Of course we are both looking forward to our annual summer Vineyard vacation and daily trek to the Long Point Wildlife Refuge (and beach!) more than anything else! Ah summer sunshine, salt air and seagulls who try to steal your lunch. There is nothing else that compares!

If you’re in Massachusetts and would like information on the Trustees visit their website, an individual membership only costs $45 (students and seniors receive reduced costs up to family membership levels). Although costs can reach $600 at the Sponsor level, most people, who are outdoor lovers such as us, would find a family level ($65) sufficient for their needs. Give them a call and see what would work best for your family and help preserve some of Massachusetts most precious and beautiful resources!

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