Monday, April 12, 2010

That Pale Blue Dot

My friend Trayce over at All of a Peace posted this video and I was so taken with how small yet full of life it made me feel, it seemed more than appropriate to share it with everyone.

Carl Sagan was a guru of all things related to the moon and stars (not to mention an astrophysicist and author among many other talents) and his knowledge of just how vital it was to protect our planet is something that should be shared by all.

Our planet may just be a tiny speck in the grander scale, but it is a whole big world to all of us! Enjoy this short reminder of just what all of us are fighting to maintain every day.

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Almost Precious said...

This truly puts things into perspective.
Now if only there was a way to get those who are so arrogant that they refuse to see the damage that we've inflicted upon this planet, or those who believe only their God can and will save this world, to open up their eyes, their minds, their hearts to reality. We have but one home and to all of us that home is Mother Earth.