Thursday, June 3, 2010

CVS Earth Essentials Glass and Surface Cleaner

Many of you might remember the series I did back in September of 2009 on CVS Earth Essentials**. I was overall fairly impressed with the products so when I was in the market to pick up some glass cleaner recently, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this new addition in the CVS Earth Essentials line. I purchased a bottle and got right to using it on my most stubborn windows -- the car.

With a natural percentage of 99.95%, no phosphorus or bleach, and the first ingredient being “coconut based cleaning agents”, I felt more secure in its overall planetary impact. The bottle is recyclable and the ingredients are biodegradable, not to mention it smells nice too.

Of course the biggest question is -- does it work?

Those who are avid readers know that I have battled the fight with cigarettes for a few years now (just quit again, hopefully for good this time!) and it is one of the worst offenders on glass inside my car. No matter what we use to clean them (especially the windshield) nothing seems to cut the staining (yuk!) and it is always left streaky unless I do three passes. As you can imagine, streaks on the windshield at night can be somewhat precarious but I don’t have to deal with that anymore!

The Earth Essentials cleaner not only cut through the film on the first pass but the window was left totally streak free! I was very impressed with the performance as well as the ability to use less of the product but still achieve the best possible results.

Because of the lessened impact, CVS’ environmental consciousness and the percentage of natural based ingredients in this cleaner I am granting it a Four Leaf Rating!

Thanks for your dedication to Greener alternatives CVS, it is this kind of change in thinking that fuels innovation for a Greener world! ♥love♥

**If you missed the original Earth Essentials series you can read about the different products I was graciously sent back then to test & review: Room Mist, Paper Products, and Sugarcane Dishware.


Almost Precious said...

Since so many of our cleaning supplies end up going down the drain and eventually into our water supplies (lakes, rivers, underground aquifers,oceans) it is nice to find products without a lot of chemicals in them.
Some people use vinegar and water but that only works for lightly soiled windows. The car windshield seems to also collect a lot of film from the vapors released from the plastics of the dashboard. I found that film a hassle to scrub off, can imagine if you compound that with the smoke from cigs it would be even worse. So a product that can clean through that combo has certainly attracted my attention. said...

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ryman said...

I have just purchased earth essentials all purpose cleaner and I am trying to find out if there is ammonia in it. Do you know? Its not listed on the back but companies are not required to list all ingredients on the labels of cleaners so I'm not sure if its an ingredient or not.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

ryman I'm not at all sure what the list of ingredients is. To my knowledge companies have to place a phone number on the bottle for questions or comments. You could try calling the company directly for more information. Be sure to report back to GLR with what you find! Thanks for reading!

Alan said...

Hi I am from the manufacturer. And no CVS earth essential all purpse cleaner, glass cleaner and bathroom cleaner do not contain ammonia. Please feel free to ask question to Gemini Packaging Ltd. Email: