Friday, July 3, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Revenge Is

Last week I featured the Revenge Is tee as part of the Eco Fashion Friday series and while researching the company I was so utterly impressed that I knew they deserved their own review and feature!

Right away the tag line “Making activism fashionable” greets you as you enter their website. They could not be more right on. Utilizing organic cotton in their tees is just the beginning. How about recycling 3-5 plastic bottles and after melting them down turning it into a fiber that creates clothing. Not a joke, these folks are using upwards of 65% RPET (recycled plastic) in their shirts. A market tote they sell is 100% RPET, now that is eco-fashion! They create tees for men, women and kids to spread the word about environmentally responsible practices.

One might think the cost for such innovative design would be through the roof but overall their price is right in line with other graphic tee designers as they hover in the $30 range. Not bad for keeping a whole bunch of plastic out of landfills. The shirts are screen printed using soy based inks and the children’s tees also contain no PVC, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Heavy Metal, or APEO to ensure the health of kids.

Then there is the shipping method they use -- all tees are shipped in Tyvek bags to reduce weight, potential of damage and conserve space on the delivery trucks. Oh yeah and they encourage reuse of the bags by turning them inside out but if you don’t want to they allow for returns of the bag so they can properly recycle it either at Tyvek’s facility in Virginia or at Revenge Is offices in Los Angeles, California.

The way I see it, Revenge Is…a Five Leaf Rating! Top honors for such a top notch company doing all they can to make a difference in this eco fight.

Keep on keeping on and get your Revenge! ♥love♥


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Hooray, all steps in the right direction. Thanks for the recommendation.
Peace, Judi

Anonymous said...

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