Friday, July 24, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Zulugrass Jewelry

Recently I was introduced to an amazing product, Zulugrass jewelry, a part of the Leakey Collection. I was immediately impressed with the product as well as the company model and I figured it was high time for an accessory feature on Eco Fashion Friday!

The Leakey Collection offers employment to over 1200 Kenyan women and men, which helps to further support upwards of 10,000 people, so the utmost care is paid to the current lifestyle of the Massai peoples (they call the shots on if a work location is placed in the area). The company supports the communities as 5% of each purchase is given back in the forms of education, health and infrastructure.

The company also utilizes environmentally sustainable materials. The primary being naturally dyed, sun dried beads made out of local grass. Cool! Coordinating Czech glass accent beads give extra sparkle. They are water and sun-fade resistant, stretchy (one size fits all) and come in upwards of 150 different colors. Oh yeah, and the company boasts the elastic will wear up to six years worry free. Nice.

I tried two together, wrapped them around my wrist and put them to the test wearing them in the shower, rain and sun and they still look marvelous! I will likely wear them all summer, casually draped around my ankle.

The jewelry is showcased in shops and boutiques in over twenty countries internationally as well as in their online store and retails for around $3 - $11 per strand. Due to the humanitarian and philanthropic efforts, and considering each strand has upwards of 180, hand strung, Zulugrass and 40 plus glass beads, the cost is well within reason.

I am hard pressed to find anything not fantastic about this company or the jewelry as it is a simple, inexpensive design that is universal (dress up or down) and the efforts to support formerly failing communities go above and beyond amazing. With that said I am granting the Zulugrass jewelry line the prestigious Five Leaf Rating!

Keep up this amazing work promoting awesomeness, Leakey Collection, I am happy to be a part of it ♥love♥

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

How lovely, and to think they help save the environment and the local peoples all at the same time.
Great post! Peace, Judi