Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walking on Flip Flops Just Got a Whole New Meaning

My sister is a shoe lover, any type of shoes really, but in the summer she thoroughly enjoys wearing flip flops just like many of the rest of us. For holidays and special occasions I have given her little kitchy shoe related items and when she sees something adorable, be it shoe related or an actual pair of shoes, it is a must have for her. So when I got a text message from her the other day that one of her best friends had just given her a doormat made from recycled flip flops I knew she was in heaven!

My immediate response of course was asking her to send me as much information as possible so I could research it and share it with all of you! I found that Uncommon Goods not only carries this mat made from recycled flip flop scraps but they also create barrels and baskets from the material and carry so many different upcycled items it would be impossible to list them all!

The company is based out of Brooklyn, NY and provides exactly what their name suggests -- Uncommon Goods! They stock everything from Home D├ęcor to Children’s gifts and literally just about everything in between. I could get lost on their website for hours that is for sure! But not in a bad way, it is easy to navigate and there is even a recently viewed items box for ease of shopping.

The cost of this mat is either $20 (small mat 26" L x 17" W x .75" H) or $40 (large mat 35" L x 22" W x .75" H) which is fairly reasonable considering the handmade nature as well as use of recycled foam rubber. The mat is made in the Philippines and each one will vary slightly from the next in color and size due simply to the nature of the material acquisition.

My only concerns are that the mats are produced using Fair Trade practices and that the shipping cost is not revealed up front. Due to all of the above I am granting the Uncommon Goods Flip Flop Mat a Three and One Half Leaf Rating!

This is an extremely cute way to give a nod to the planet and your love for adorable shoes. Keep up the great work providing unique products with a planetary focus!


AtHomeWithSewSuzanne said...

So very cool!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Karen said...

What a great idea!