Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Green and Passion Make Excellent Bedfellows

Warning there is some adult only type content within!

We all try to recycle, drive hybrid vehicles, turn off lights, reduce, reuse and be conscious of the impact on the planet we all have through the products and services we procure but what about our sex lives? Is it really possible to go green in the department of intimacy? With the advent of countless options for ways to become eco-friendly, a slew of companies geared toward this very industry have emerged. Not to mention a plethora of tips to reduce our carbon footprint while enjoying our moments of pleasure.

So what exactly would a green sex life be like? Let us imagine this couple…

Jane jumps on her bicycle to pop down to the farmer’s market to pick up a few locally grown pieces of organic produce. She spies Jack arriving on his own bike and they catch each other’s eye. Sparks fly and so does their conversation. They start dating and spend countless evenings at local poetry readings or taking nature walks. The moment for them to consummate their relationship arrives so Jane pulls out her lingerie made of bamboo and lights a few soy based candles with wicks coated in veggie wax. Jack, with a couple Vegan approved, milk enzyme free condoms and a bottle of organic wine in hand, takes public transportation over to Jane’s home. Jane has of course turned down the thermostat because they will be creating their own heat tonight. A wonderful night of fun and passion ensues and they fall asleep in ultimate comfort on her hemp fiber sheets. In the morning they decide to shower together to conserve water, kiss each other goodbye and make plans to cook a fabulous Vegan meal over at Jack’s house the following evening.

So are all of those options actually available? You bet they are!

Most cities or towns run farmer’s markets and in warmer climates they will sometimes run year round such as The Village Market at the Toronto Waldorf School in Canada. Most town halls will have information regarding the local markets and their dates of operation.

Bamboo lingerie is actually pretty sexy! One of the coolest companies I found that manufactures this product is called Urban Fox. Ah-cha-cha-cha.

Soy candles are all the rage; countless sellers on Etsy carry this item making it easy to find just the right style and scent to fit an individual personality.

Vegan friendly condoms? Seriously? Seriously. Glyde carries a line which contains no milk enzymes (like many latex based options) and they claim to be the only condoms registered with The Vegan Society.

Many brands of organic wine are available on the market today so wine-searcher has collected a list of their six top picks to get us started.

Hemp fiber is gaining in popularity, just like bamboo, due to its sustainability and versatility so it is no wonder that even bed linens are being created from it. There are only a couple companies who carry them so Metaefficient has a nice review of linens made from hemp as well as links to both companies.

Want even more tips or ideas for ways to increase the green passion? Check out How To Go Green: Sex on the planet green website.


High Desert Diva said...

The bamboo lingerie had me cringing at the thought, but the website is fantastic. What a riot.

Thanks for the options.

Jen said...

They need to be wearing their 10oneworld organic cotton shirts in this story! Thanks for that!
-10oneworld on etsy

earmark said...

this is fantastic! After they do the deed - they should write each other a letter on 100% recycled/vegetable ink note cards too, to thank them for the wonderful evening :) hee hee! Great blog!

Bridgete said...

That bamboo lingerie is really cute!

Ginger said...

hahahahaha! you are toooo fabulous for words!