Saturday, November 29, 2008

Pimpin It For The Planet

Solve this equation:
Upcycled fabric + style - shipping cost + holiday gift ideas - parking lot drama = ????

Stumped for the answer? OK I will tell everyone that the answer is…

Chucka Stone Designs handmade, one of a kind fabric fashions and accessories of course!

I never do this kind of thing, I generally prefer to promote others over myself but for one day I guess it won’t kill me to give my own little corner of the eco-friendly cyber world some lovin right? This is mostly because there are some amazing events coming up over the next couple weeks that I am taking part in to help others so I wanted to share a few of them with everyone!

I am adding tons of items to the shop through Cyber Monday but here is a little mini preview of some of the goodies available right now that can take advantage of my FREE SHIPPING sale through the end of 2008.

My Mom and I will be sharing a table at the CUREFest Craft Fair in Tilton Hall at Clark University in Worcester, MA on Saturday December 6 from 12:00 - 5:00. This event is rad because the proceeds from table fees go to Worcester AIDS research and over 90% of sellers are independent artists so come on out, say hi and shop for some truly unique gifts!

Team Eco Etsy is promoting a phenomenal event as well and I was eager to be a part of it! From December 7 - 14 10% of all sales in my Etsy shop will be donated to Heifer International, an organization dedicated to eradicating hunger world wide. If it does not sell at CUREFest I hope to see it go during this week to help another truly worthy cause!

Finally, as I was spending some time in the Etsy forums last night promoting my shop and some of its new items, I came across a message from kaleidoscopestudio about feeling invisible. As I tend to be a rather frequent thread killer (read: I show up to chat and everyone already in the thread goes screaming in the other direction, leaving me all alone), I was drawn to her title immediately. Turns out, her message was a bit more serious. Her mom passed away recently after a long battle with ovarian cancer and left behind a loving family but a stack of medical bills. She is holding a silent auction in New Hampshire in February and was asking for donations to help raise money for paying off those bills. Since Matt and I are in an odd situation financially right now I do not have a lot of cash to donate to the charities I usually support every year but I can certainly send Erica a kickin’ tote bag instead! I have a few options for the ones I am thinking of sending up to her but welcome suggestions so feel free to swing by my shop and check out the selection. The link to the thread will allow you to contact Erica through her shop if you would also like to get involved.

So in the end I guess I am still promoting for others in addition to myself but ‘tis the season to do so after all! For all of us independent artists I wish many, many, many sales to boost our economies this festive holiday season.

Buy handmade and go green!


Gifts of Creation said...

HI!! thanks for visiting my blog, I love the story about the silent auction..great blog!

Karen said...

Hi Jenn... you are so *nice*! In case no one has told you lately... thanks for doing so much for others :) I didn't realize I wasn't subscribed to the Green Leaf - and it slipped my mind that I wanted to keep track of the progress of the entertainment center. Well, now I'm following you!

TheresaJ said...

You should never feel bad about promoting yourself. You're a good and kind hearted person.

Oh, and good luck at the show with your Mom.

Jenn said...

You gals are too sweet and making me blush for real :) Thanks from the bottom of my heart! :~D