Monday, November 24, 2008

Timberland Is Reaching the Masses With Humorous Eco-Clothing Ads

In society these days it is sometimes difficult to get a point across without a big shock value ad. Using any means necessary to promote a product has become the norm from sex to drugs to rock ‘n roll and anything in between. The downfall of this is that eventually the general public becomes numb to the concepts and stops paying attention regardless of how big or bold the campaign is. This has become especially true with regard to television commercials and now that the tidal wave of green is spreading across the land advertisers must figure out a way to focus our attention on getting behind these products and services.

I typically do not watch much television as I do not feel that there are many unique, quality shows out on the airwaves worth my thirty to sixty minutes but what I do love to watch is sports, particularly football. When thinking on some of the advertising I have seen that sticks with me most of the commercials I remember have been while watching sporting events because these advertisers tend to use humor to make us remember their products. Yesterday while watching Sunday afternoon football (and the Patriots won by the way, woo hoo!) I witnessed a commercial that had me rolling so hard I knew it would become my focus for today’s post.

Timberland has a new product on the market called the Earthkeepers™ boot and they conceived of one of the most hysterical ads I have seen of late to introduce us to it. Here is the minute long commercial:

All I could say at the end of this ad was GO NATURE! The Earth is clearly sick and tired of us taking from her so when this guy arrives to enjoy a little bit of it, the planet fights back against his hypocritical values as he attempts to stomp all over her in his ‘made from all new material’ fancy boots. The Earthkeepers™ boot his friend is wearing has a lining made from 70% recycled material, the outsole is 30% recycled and do not worry, if nature tosses you into that raging river they are waterproof as well.

I do not tend to hike often and already have a nice pair of boots that I use for when I do but when those wear out I will seriously consider checking out Earthkeepers™. For promoting not only nature, but recycled material and eco-friendly clothing, as well as giving us a hilarious marketing campaign for an Earth friendly product that could be deemed ‘boring’ by the masses, I am granting a Four Leaf Rating to Timberland.

Innovation in product and how to promote it -- yippie!


Kala Pohl Studio said...

Ha, that was a great ad, enjoyed it:):)

Bridgete said...

Haha, I saw that ad on TV the other day. Love it!

Expressions By Devin said...

That is so funny that really made my day:0)

High Desert Diva said...

Now that was fantastic!