Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quickie Tips and Facts

It is the day before Thanksgiving in the United States and with such a festive occasion of food and family on deck there is much to be done today to prepare. There are a few sick people where we are having dinner and at first I was worried about germs but now with some of these tips I will be resting a little bit easier tomorrow while I watch the Detroit Lions lose (sorry but for the fans, think of it as reverse psychology). Since we are all faced with certain ailments, challenges or issues over the holiday season I wanted to share some advice for ways to reduce stress and in the process raise the immune system.

☼ Drink lots of water. This is often overlooked in the winter but is more critical during cold dry months than warm humid ones. Being fully hydrated while shopping in hot, crowded stores is vital to avoid feeling nausea or other symptoms.

☼ That “an apple a day” thing was not just hooey! Packed with Vitamin-C, flavonoids, phenols, phytonutrients and other anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties. Apples are good for the heart, lungs, immune system, teeth, waist line -- just about every part of our bods!

☼ Carry a hand sanitizer when visiting sick people and use it. OK before all of you flame me for suggesting a potentially harmful product for kids (due to the addition of the antimicrobial ingredient triclosan), there are products available that are fully biodegradable and natural that will still help kill germs. An example would be CleanWell which does the same thing as Purell but with ingenium instead.

☼ Want to achieve the same benefits of eating apples but also tackle depression, inflammation, and decreased energy? Then get your butt in bed and obtain a full night of sleep. The most important factor is getting in bed about the same time every night and rising about the same time every morning to reduce fatigue and fully benefit the recharge from sleep (the answer is yes -- even on weekends).

☼ Dress in layers to avoid overheating. Overheating can happen when walking around indoors but leaving huge winter coats, hats and scarves on. Cold weather is tough to battle but wearing layers from natural fibers such as cotton, wool or hemp can help the body retain heat while not spiking. Leave the heavy coat in the closet and wear some layers that can easily be removed when feeling warmer.

☼ Simply avoid germs as much as possible. Over crowded shops full of people means all number of potential ailments are floating around. Why not shop at local establishments which are traditionally less crowded, online which is 100% germ free or, if it is a necessity to go, try to shop at off hours when crowds are lessened.

☼ Have a great time and laugh as much as possible. Those old sayings like the apple keeping us out of a doctor’s office are still used today because they are valid and positive affirmations full of truth. One of the best is -- laughter is the best medicine. When we are having a fantastic time and getting a good belly laugh we boost our immune system, reduce stress, bring down blood pressure, improve respiratory function and relax our muscles.

So get out tomorrow with family and friends, eat some apples, drink some water, take all necessary precautions against contracting germs but most important of all laugh until bedtime and be thankful on this very special day.


High Desert Diva said...

Good tips.

Ginger said...

i like the part about sleep the best....i like sleep. :)

Jake Siegel said...

Cleanwell is the only example of an alcohol free hand sanitizer? There are plenty out there! Some made by soapy usa, klean handz, and even meditize alcohol free hand sanitizer.