Sunday, November 16, 2008

Slowing Down To Appreciate It All

This will be one of those times that people who know me might be tempted to leave comments like “Is this a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ type of situation?” and I can understand why they would feel that way because I am typically a person who never stops and it may seem that I fly through life not noticing the little things but truthfully I do allow my overworked mind to absorb these moments and it makes every day that much sweeter.

For the past few months (especially during the last few weeks of mass production for yesterday’s craft fair) there have been times when I purposefully stopped my work-centric brain from spinning to take notice of some of these joys.

Saturday night dinner with our closest friends has become a regular occurrence and it is fantastic. We generally just hang out and chat over food and drink, relishing in the small time we get to enjoy each other’s company. There is something amazing about knowing there are people in this world who are always there for each other no matter what.

Recognizing how the seasons operate here in the northeast has been fun -- fall rain and wind is essential to bring all of those flaming colored leaves down, blanketing the land to prepare for the winter layer of snow and ice that will help to compost those leaves into the soil of spring so we can have even healthier, sturdy green trees in the summer. Winter is not my season of choice but it will be nice to watch snow collect on these trees from my “heat rises” third floor apartment window this winter.

Attempting to get back in touch with some of this stuff has brought the connection back to my relationship with Matt. If nothing else just having fun with each other again, embracing romance, laughing a lot, creating our own inside jokes, being supportive of each others achievements and remembering why we got together in the first place -- because no one else out there could really understand the dorks that we are besides each other of course! Well that and we both understand the importance of how rare it is to witness clowns not fitting into clown cars.

Yesterday in my email I got an update to one of my YouTube subscriptions, the official channel for Jason Mraz. I did not watch it until this morning and I have to say at first I though wtf? Five and a half minutes of a camera zoomed in or out on his face, sometimes breaking into a smirk, sometimes very serious looking, and at the end he simply says “You did it”. It seemed a little strange at first (watching a five minute crash zoom to the face of one of my favorite musicians was somewhat odd) but in the end this video is what inspired me to write today’s post.

In a busy world it is important to remember to take the time to slow down, even if just for five minutes, to recognize and truly appreciate all the things in life that bring us joy!


Bridgete said...

Hm, yes, that was a bit odd. But definitely a good reminder.

I've been telling myself that I can finally stop on Nov. 22nd. Everything will be turned in and I have a few days before my dad arrives for Thanksgiving to just curl up with my cat and a book or a movie and just BE. But I forgot that I can still take just 5 minutes out of even a busy day to slow down.

Granted, when I was watching the video my eyes were flickering to other places in the room or out the window and my mind went off on a tangent wondering why he was sitting in front of a vision I didn't completely stop. But I slowed down. Just for a bit.

Anyway, I hope yesterday went well. Sorry I couldn't make it out, Nessa was working and I was buried in Evidence (it's my little study joke...get it?).

In greener news, I can see a wind turbine from my window. I noticed it a while ago. It's fun to watch on days like today. =)

High Desert Diva said...

Slow down..........

We all need to do it more!

TheresaJ said...

That was an interesting YouTube post for him, but then he's a pretty interesting guy. He's one of my favs too.

Jenn said...

No worries Bridgete, there will likely be many more...maybe even some when you are not up to your ears but I definitely understand how it is for a law student and you gotta do what you gotta do girl! (evidence...punny ;)

Theresa that is awesome! The Mraz love spreads far and wide ♥ He rocks my world...well, at least my ears :)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Well, here I am many months too late to view the video - it has been made unavailable due to a copyright issue.

THanks for the reminder to stop, or at least slow down, long enough to see what's happening here and now.

Peace and love, Mum