Friday, November 21, 2008

No Special Uniform Is Required To Play On This Team

But if there was it would be handmade from upcycled organic cotton and shipped out to me in an ecovelope made out of recycled magazine pages that are sealed with petroleum free tape.

What team would promote such an environmentally responsible agenda?

I am talking about Eco Etsy of course!

Lately it has been a goal of mine to join up with a few different groups or teams that very closely represent how I see myself as a contributing member of environmental protections including Bennetts Brook Green Group and Sustainable Arlington. As an artist who creates handmade bags from upcycled material, and an Etsy shop owner, I began searching for a team that comprised the values my company holds to promote an eco lifestyle. When I read about the policies and practices that Eco Etsy stood for I knew it was the right team for me!

Members of this team are amazingly talented, knowledgeable and creative. They reuse, upcycle, recycle and reduce consumption of new materials to fashion some really beautiful items such as clothing, jewelry, handbags, journals and many more. Here is just a small sampling of these artists, click the picture to be taken directly to Etsy and in the search box enter the word ecoetsy to see all items available from these and other talented artists.

The Eco Etsy Street Team is comprised of over 200 members who actively promote environmental lifestyles and working habits. As the holidays approach and gift giving ensues, I strongly recommend checking out some of the shops these members run as a fantastic alternative to big box store or mall shopping. Handmade and eco-friendly is a fantastic way to show someone, and the planet, how much we all care!


High Desert Diva said...


Off to research petroleum free tape!

Kitty said...

This is such a great post. You're a fantastic writer! :) I absolutely ditto the props to EcoEtsy... I'm so proud to be a part of such a wonderful and earth-friendly group!

Morgen said...

I'm really impressed with your blog and your writing style. Thanks for including my inkyspider cushion cover and my kootsac bags in your beautiful collection of Ecoetsy goodies.