Friday, April 24, 2009

Eco-Fashion Friday Featured Designer: Jess Pillmore of A Second Chance

Last summer I started my journey into eco-blogging by doing write ups and interviews for The Organic Mechanic blog and during those months I had the pleasure of running into many fine artisans from every genre possible. One of those amazing interviews was with Jess Pillmore of the shop A Second Chance. I enjoyed interviewing her so much it is time to feature her work yet again!

A Second Chance is full of pieces Jess has knitted or crocheted from upcycled materials, in fact every hand made piece is created in this manner and she has even begun offering skeins of the reclaimed yarn she uses, indicating in the item description:

“I pick high quality, gently used sweaters for my projects and for my yarns.”

Her price point for hand made knitted and crocheted pieces of this quality is moderate, with accessories at about $30 and tops falling in the $50 range.

In addition to her hand made items, A Second Chance also offers vintage pieces, which is another terrific way to “recycle” clothing!

Chatting with Jess was a joy as I learned that she ships in either recycled or once used materials and she will “drive to the thrift stores in a Prius.” Not only that but she donates 10% of each sale to Kiva, an organization which provides financial assistance via person to person loans to entrepreneurs starting their own business.

With such an eye on the planet as a whole, as well as her humanitarian efforts, I must grant Jess’ shop A Second Chance a Four Leaf Rating!

I am overwhelmingly impressed with her work and spirit and I hope everyone has a chance to visit her shop and see for themselves the quality work she completes!

Thanks Jess ♥love♥


KnockKnocking said...

these are lovely pieces!

Audrey said...

Those are lovely!! Wonderful shop.