Friday, April 3, 2009

Kicking Off Eco-Fashion Fridays

In a new concept here at GLR I have decided to provide a themed posting once a week. The theme is Eco-Fashion Fridays! In my low emission travels I have come across so many amazing designers of environmentally conscious fashions from little girl’s hair accessories to couture and everything in between so it seems appropriate to feature these amazing designers here on the blog and of course grant a Leaf Rating for their efforts.

The ratings I will be based on a few key factors:
☼ Resources
☼ Materials
☼ Cost
☼ Lifecycle

Additional factors may come into play of course as each item and / or company will have their own unique footprint (carbon or otherwise!).

So to kick things off I am featuring the designer who started the idea churning in my mind this past week while I was catching up on a marathon replay of the most recent season of the Bravo TV show Project Runway, this past season winner, Leanne Marshall.

Her clothing is beautiful but designed for a high fashion market that the majority of us will find slightly out of our budget. She announced to the world that her final collection made use of about 50% sustainable materials. Her clothing is well made and although there is a slight flair for the dramatic in her pieces, overall her designs could be worn by just about any woman for years due to the element of classic feminine style present.

All of these reasons prompt me to grant Leanne Marshall Three Green Leaves!

Leanne Marshall’s amazing evening gown.

I will keep my eye out for a budget conscious line from Leanne as I feel her work could easily translate into mass appeal. Keep up the amazing Green design!


T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a great feature, I'll be looking forward to more.

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