Thursday, April 23, 2009

Natures Source Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In a recent trip out to acquire some cleaning supplies I came across a product called Nature’s Source toilet bowl cleaner. Upon inspection of the label, the ingredients are listed as natural and since I was in the market for this very product (and not yet brave enough to test mixing for the vinegar method) I decided to pick it up. Overall I must say I am fairly satisfied with this product and would likely purchase it again.

The cost was somewhere around $2.50 for 24 oz size. As compared to some of the chemical based products that run upwards of $4.00 for the same volume, I found the price to be fantastic. The nozzle was easy open for grownups but would not be as easy for kids as it is a squeeze and turn style. Due to this type of top however, the bottle leaked some after use so it had to be sponge cleaned prior to putting it away which was a bummer as that was unnecessary waste. It is not the thickest formula but it did adhere to the sides relatively well and did not sink to the bottom of the bowl immediately.

The packaging noted that the cleaner is “plant based” so I reviewed the website to discover it is born from coconut and palm kernel oils.** Also used is: purified water, lactic acid and xanthan gum (fermented glucose). It is unclear if the lactic acid is derived from a milk base or other sources such as cornstarch, potato or molasses (rendering the product vegan). The one disappointing ingredient is the addition of synthetic dyes & fragrance although the bottle says there are only “small amounts”.

The fragrance does give the cleaner a fruity, pleasant smell which was more enjoyable than some. I would say this cleaned equally as well as any chemical based cleaner I have used in the past and I only left it on for about the same amount of time as usual (about fifteen minutes). The bottle itself is made from 25% post-consumer plastic, is recyclable and the S.C. Johnson Greenlist promise symbol is displayed proudly.

With all of that said I have decided to grant Nature’s Source toilet bowl cleaner a Three Leaf Rating!

Taking out those synthetic substances, listing the source of the lactic acid and improving on the cap design so there is no leakage would be some improvements I could suggest to garner the coveted Five Leaf Rating but it is nice to see such a solid effort being made already, keep up the trend S.C. Johnson!

**I know there has been talk as to the validity of the environmental benefits of coconut oil and although I do not dispute that it is a compelling argument, I personally feel happier using something that is plant based and biodegradable rather than man made with chemicals. In the event of leeching I feel safer with plant based oil. This is a personal decision and I welcome comments as to your own thoughts and feelings on the subject!


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

NEver heard of the product but will have to take a look. I'm not one that likes anything chemical!!

ginger said...

i love how so many of these natural cleaners are becoming less and less expensive. as for the lactic acid, if it's animal derived they will only disclose it if someone's going to ingest it. however, if it's plant derived the company will more than likely disclose that on the packaging for animal free folks like myself.