Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Solution for Used Toner and Ink Cartridges

Quick -- raise your hand if you have used a Xerox copier, printer or fax machine? Now keep your hand up if you have ever been forced to throw away the empty ink or toner cartridge because you had no idea what else to do with it? Aha! Just as I suspected, many of us have. Well never again will I be doing this now that I have discovered the safe haven known as Cartridge World!

Yesterday I was helping my favorite Accountant reorganize her office and there was a stack of old, empty cartridges just hanging out in the corner. She told me she does not want to pitch them but did not know what else to do. I was convinced the town had a DPW station where they could be dropped so we did a quick Google search but came across Cartridge World instead.

Upon exploring their website we discovered that one of the company’s over 1600 international* locations was conveniently only about five minutes away. Their website said they took just about anything so even though some of her items were from printers that even the most seasoned Techie Geek has never heard of, we boxed them up and took a ride down there. She went in with a full box saying ‘wish me luck’ and came out empty handed with a smile. She said he even thanked her and it cost nothing to drop off! Score!

The stores are franchised locations (independently owned and operated) and in addition to recycling old empty cartridges they might just carry replacements for the toner cartridge that was just dropped off. Make sure to get a toner Recycling Collection Bin from your local store and start collecting not only yours but your friend’s and family’s, office’s or neighbor’s cartridges so everything can be recycled and kept out of landfills. Cartridge World is committed to a Greener Environment and they are proving it.

I have read every page of their website, and now have first hand experience with the convenience and eco-impact of this company, so although I have tried to find anything preventing it I have no choice but to grant Cartridge World the illustrious and well deserved Five Leaf Rating!

I am truly impressed by this amazing business model making a surge to employ local workers, encourage entrepreneurship and do their part to save this planet. Way to go, keep up the amazing work!

To find a location near you please visit their website or call 1-888-99-REFILL

* currently operating locations in the US and Canada.


Dave King said...

Our local supermarket has a recycle bin for them - actually, I thought this was going to be one of those tests of lateral thinking: how many things can you think to do with 25 old ink cartridges, that type of thing.

Jenn said...

Oh hey Dave that's fantastic! Hey anywhere that gets the job done is a-ok :) So do you have any alternate uses for old cartridges??

As a side note I actually saw a Cartridge World car on the road today & did a double take because its really bright & hard to miss but I had never seen one out & about before, thought it was cool!

Karen said...

Great idea! I buy my cartridges from Dell and they send postage-paid envelopes to return the used cartridges!

Angel said...

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Thank you SO much! Angel

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wylde otse said...

as we approach 0 (zero) garbage Gaia heaves a huge sigh of relief ;o)