Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eco-Fashion Friday (on Sunday) Featuring Jennifer Brown

It has been a busy week over here and unfortunately I had to let the slightly more involved Eco-Fashion Friday feature slide until today. I really apologize but am very excited to share this amazing designer, her thoughts and work with everyone. So, although it is a couple days late, please enjoy this feature on Jennifer M. Brown of both Under the Root and Quarks.

Jennifer M. Brown is a gal with an eye for style and I first came across her online shop Quarks through our mutual membership in Team Eco Etsy. I was immediately impressed with her ability to take seemingly unrelated pieces and infuse them together to create garments that are not only budget conscious but have a strong vintage feel to them. One of the best things about Jennifer’s shops is that a gal can outfit almost her entire bod as Jennifer creates everything from undergarments to stockings, dresses, arm spats, hats, chokers and even a cloak for those chillier days (and even undergarments for men!). For fashion her price point is amazing -- most items hover in the $50 - $60 range with some more, some less. Best of all she utilizes sustainable, repurposed, reclaimed, upcycled and recycled materials in just about all of her work.

Because of her strong commitment to fashionable items that are fiscally viable to the larger public and her use of repurposed materials in her work I am granting Jennifer Four Green Leaves!

Please continue on to read the fantastic interview Jennifer was kind enough to grant us here at GLR, then stop by both of her shops to check out her fantastic work.

How long have you been creating eco-fashion?

I began assembling used/vintage textiles into theatrical costumes during the high school years. Wow, that was some 20 odd years ago. Clothing came next while using a secondhand, black lacquer Singer and the miscellaneous textiles from garage sales, thrift stores, estate and church sales, and reclaiming used/found materials. While studying Dance at Columbia College Chicago, I realized that costumes played an intricate role for the performances. The availability in movement and projection of each design was tantamount for dancers, performers and individuals alike. Today, each handmade structure reflects the use of cottons and the grace of the human body.

Where do you acquire your materials?

The designs are ever-changing and the materials are strictly obtained from sustainable resources, designer cutoffs, thrift stores, estate and church sales, swaps, and trades.

Do you try to acquire sustainable fabrics?

Sustainable fabrics came into my focus around 2005. The manufacturers were popping up all over and the prices were in my price point. Under The Root is leaping in this direction and my hopes are to educate, sustain, and grow with the future of 'gentle' structuring.

Are your designs OOAK?

I do many personal, custom pieces which are one-of-a-kind. In fact, that process is still a major foundation of the outlet for the deep-rooted artist in me. I love watching creations grow from visions of the beautiful people on this planet, and sometimes other planets.

Did you go to school for fashion design?

I began sewing in high school and started the first Fashion Club with the class of 1988. My teacher was careful, kind, and knowledgeable in so many areas of life, not just sewing. She cared for our time. The time I spent in that class with all the tables, machines, tools, and fabrics will forever be an inspiration for Under The Root to give people their desires. After high school, I studied Business, Design, and Dance. I read tons of practical applications and find the greatest source for continuing on with oodles of noodles and practice.

Thank you for bringing Green Leaf Reviewer 'under' the root of it all.
Undergarments/Findlings -- Under the Root
Clothing/Accessories -- Quarks


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