Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beauty through the Rain, Mother Nature Shares the Sweetest Gifts

A few weeks ago on the way to our Bennetts Brook Green Group meeting the sun was just setting but the sky was also doing the spring rain in New England quick burst downpour. As soon as we got off the highway my eyes opened wide and my jaw even more so when we rounded a corner to see this sky. It was so beautiful we pulled into a parking lot simply to snap a few photos.

Just three weeks later it was yet again pouring, providing sustenance to all the thriving greenery and incredibly tall lawns. As I sat in my office typing up a post with the slider door open, listening to the shower, it suddenly occurred to me that the sun was streaming in through the window. With fingers crossed I grabbed the camera and stepped out on the balcony to see this beautiful gem emblazoned across the sky.

Whenever I am sad about something such as the extreme impact we are imparting on our planet with all of our many luxuries, this is just the thing to remind me that sometimes all it takes is an outlook in an upward direction to change my attitude. Beauty-full!


ginger said...

oh! beautiful!... i like this one, those trees are so green under that rainbow!

my word verification is scent...smell the rainbow?

Jenn said...

I wonder what a smellovision rainbow would smell like? I imagine maybe something sweet and maybe even a little fruity with just a hint of peat moss for the full Leprechaun experience ;)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Nice to see the shots all together here.