Friday, June 19, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Feature This One Is For the Dudes!

There have already been ten featured artists in our continuing Eco-Fashion Friday series but only a couple of those designers were guy approved and some of my male readers may have begun to wonder if good planetary fashion sense was relegated solely to the ladies. Not at all! So in an effort to share some of the funky and cool designers I have discovered for the Earth conscious boys out there, I am going to pull an entire outfit together, literally from head to toe, and you can let me know what you think. My Leaf Rating at the end is going to be my own interpretation of the collective awesomeness of this outfit and I am also assigning a 'brief review' Leaf Rating to each piece and the designer who constructed it. OK let’s get our guy style on!

Of course the first thing every hip dude needs is a really great hat for those days where he wants to be noticed. This one by U.S. based company Miller Hats, in a classic black and white houndstooth pattern, can easily dress up or down. Since it is made from 100% wool it is good for the planet as well. An easy Three and a Half Leaf rating!

Heading out does not always mean a T-shirt, this button up hemp and cotton blend long sleeve shirt from Emmett Brown is a clear Four Leaf effort from brand Planet Earth! They focus on outerwear and accessories, not to mention the planet.

Off to a meeting and need to spiff up? How about wearing this Three Leaf rated necktie from Me and Matilda? It is cotton and washable and they ship everywhere! Don’t like the pattern? They have eight pages of awesomeness in their shop, sure to please everyone; even bowties!

(Don’t forget after the meeting is over to strip the tie and unbutton the shirt to reveal your killer Blend Apparel graphic Tee!)

No guy’s outfit would be complete without a nice pair of sturdy pants. How about a twist on the standard blue jean and go with these Duck Pants from Patagonia. Made from organic cotton by a company who states “we seek to build the best product and cause no unnecessary harm” I’d say these are worth at least a Three and a Half Leaf rating!

Um, can someone say Five Leaf Rating? Hemp and organic cotton upper, recycled tires for the sole, recycled plastic laces, certified Vegan, post consumer recycled paper forms, water based glue, even the box is made from post consumer recycled content and soy based inks. Oh and they are cheaper than that brand they will remind you of. And of course they’re hot. Visit Simple to check out all their shoes (women’s too!).

Though flip flops or sandals are comfortable those shoes need a nice comfy pair of socks. How about this offering from HT Naturals in 100% bamboo fiber? They come in natural (shown) or black. This company is killer in their eco-mission and even aiming for carbon neutrality on shipping. A Four and a Half Leaf Rating is in order!

While perusing the sock collection from HT Naturals why not check out some boxers made partially from soy and organic cotton?

Does it get cooler than recycled inner tubes? Only when it is turned into a funky belt and this belt is a fun addition to the already hip outfit above.

Want to see how it looks all together (minus the accessories)? Yes I had a little time on my hands so I compiled this in Photoshop. Not too bad huh?

Overall the average Leaf Rating on this outfit is hovering somewhere around a Four Leaf Rating with some higher and some lower of course but all of these companies are striving to make a difference in the world of men’s fashion by their materials, shipping methods, price, environmental practices, fabric selections and a whole slew of additional ways.

Now admit it ladies, wouldn’t you notice this guy walking down the street? And once you found out he was sporting such planet friendly gear wouldn’t you find him that much more awesome? Get Green guys! ♥love♥


kim* said...

the hat and shoes are cool

LillyShayStyle said...

Wonderful post, guys need fashion love too :)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Love the tie and the shoes and socks. Nice work putting together this eco-friendly outfit!
Peace, Judi