Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Recharge a Cell Phone, With No Cords!

The cutting edge of technology these days is always the latest wireless offering such as laptops, gaming system components or even a traditional cell phone. But once the batteries run down or run out completely we are forced to grab the cord and plug into an outlet. Not only does this limit mobility with the device, but it draws on energy that is new to re-power it. Well Nokia is attempting to figure out a way to take the unused energy floating around everywhere to act as a recharging system for a new cell phone they are developing and hope to have operational within the next three to five years.

The phone would very slowly recharge on electromagnetic waves emitted into the air, something Nikola Tesla was attempting to deem possible in the late nineteenth century. I have always been fascinated with Tesla (inventor of the ‘Tesla’ coil, for more information on this breakthrough in electricity please check out this website). This man was a pioneer in adopting radio frequency, electromagnetism and a host of other seemingly impossible ways to manipulate waves that today are proving possible.

Here is an excerpt from the article on Nokia’s technological advance:

“Nokia picks up all the bits and pieces of these waves and uses the collected electromagnetic energy to create electrical current, then uses that to recharge the phone's battery. A huge range of frequencies can be utilized by the system (there's no other way, really, as the energy in any given wave is infinitesimal). It's the same idea that Tesla was exploring 100 years ago, just on a tiny scale.”

Please find the rest of the article here.

Recycling energy at its finest!


Judi FitzPatrick said...

Awesome, can't happen soon enough for the planet's sake since each year more people seem to use the phones.

Something for everyone to think about - when possible, why not charge your phone in your car while you are driving somewhere?

Peace, Judi

draagonfly said...

Tesla is definitely one of my heroes too. Did you know he had developed a way for EVERYONE on the planet to have FREE electricity? Unfortunately JP Morgan decided not charging for power was a bad idea for the fat cats, so he nixed Tesla's funding and blackballed him so Tesla could never complete the necessary research. This is why we all have a power bill today. Gee, thanks JP. Read more about it here:


High Desert Diva said...

Hey Jenn,
Trying to get caught up again. Sorry I've been a bad blogger.
Congrats on your move. Settle in and enjoy