Thursday, June 11, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Angela Pennock of Marang97

Based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico Marang97 is a unique shop indeed as Angela utilizes ambiguous material such as T-shirts and buttons and fashions them into some of the most adorable and feminine accessories I have seen in ages. Her fine art isn’t so bad either. I admit, I am hooked!

The first thing I noticed in Angela’s shop is that every section utilizes recycled materials be it shirts, yarn or paper, Angela is fully committed to finding a way to breathe new life into formerly loved pieces. There are many items to choose from in this shop (upwards of fifty) and they range from pins like the one above to rings as well as fine home art to market totes.

She ships internationally and as a member of Team EcoEtsy you can bet your item will likely arrive in some extremely creative recycled packaging. Perhaps one of her very own envelopes! Even better news, Angela ships internationally and her cost to ship is low. Speaking of low cost, the price for one of her adorable, standard size brooch pins is only $7.50. I would spend more than that for something half as cute and made from brand new materials at a department store!

The only tiny drawback I could see was she does not show photos of the back of the items and I like to get a sense for how it will attach to my clothing. Due to this I am granting the first ever Four and One Half Leaf Rating!

Keep up the amazing work Angela, thanks for helping to protect the planet through your art.


Sarah Knight said...

lovely stuff : )

Little Dickens Designs said...

That's so cool. Hopefully the artist will read this and add photos of the back. I love upcycled stuff.