Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ronnie Trash Wants Us to Put Our Trash in a Can

Sesame Street has long been a leader in teaching good lessons to everyone, kids and adults alike. Doing a quick search just on YouTube for 'Sesame Street environment' brought up hundreds of videos. This one, with a song sung to the tune of “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash, is a fantastic lesson for everyone as it explains that we all need to take care of our planet because we all live here. Hope you enjoy feeling like a kid again watching this!



I wish this was shown prime time, all the time, for all those late-in-age-late-night-viewers...like my 82 year old Father-in-law who I have caught several times tossing trash out the window of his moving car, on the floor the sidewalk, on the floor of a restaurant. We scold every time...and he remains stoic as stone.

Bad 'Ba-Ba'!!!

..."Yes, Sir Buckaroo, I'm talking to you"!

w said...

that was awesome!