Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a Quick Flyby to Share the Ten Dollar Dress

Good morning faithful GLR readers! This morning I have taken myself down the street to use the available wireless connection so I can bring you a little something fun.

But first a quick update on your fearless writer here…

Our move went fantastic and we were extremely methodical to ensure as few trips as possible between the two places. With the help of some amazing friends and family we were able to pack, move, and already have almost the entire house set up on this end. I can not begin to express my gratitude for all of your help, thanks SO MUCH!

Some of our favorite humorous stitchers, Threadbanger, are back with great videos. This one simply blew me away -- a $10 wedding dress!

The beautiful thing about this dress (from the perspective of a sewing maniac like myself) is that it could not be more adaptable!

Rather than a plain white tee, how about going for red, green, black, or any other color that men’s shirts are sold in? The top section panels are such a cool idea and could be done in a contrasting color as a fashion statement.

Instead of a vintage brooch why not make your own out of the scraps of that contrasting color? Choose an interesting shape and stack a whole bunch of them on top of each other, then stitch a pin to the back and a button to the front.

Shorten the item, add a halter strap (if you are a bit more experienced sewer) -- the opportunities for modification of this awesome concept are endless!

Over here at Green Leaf Reviewer, as well as Threadbanger, we love to get emails and videos of viewers/readers creating funky and functional eco-friendly fashion pieces. If you modify this or make it as it is let us both know, I would love to check it out and maybe even feature your creation for Eco-fashion Friday!


Karen said...

I can't sew a straight line :( but this dress is great! I like your ideas about the different colors. Glad the move went smoothly!

Julie said...

VERY cool. I've already passed this along to another friend. I'm thinking a colorful tea-length creation might be nice. And for post-pregnancy wear, that jersey fabric is wonderfully comfortable and forgiving.

Julie said...

I wanted to add another suggestion too: pick up shirts at goodwill or request some from freecycle. They won't be new, but especially if you're NOT going with the white, they'd be more "green"... and throwing in some patterned/printed shirts for the part that wraps around the bodice could be really interesting too.

Jenn said...

Oh great suggestions Julie all around! I especially like the idea of using patterned tees for the bodice, getting a great visual of a tea length black dress with some old black concert tees with a halter tie. I am so making one (or 4!) of these this summer!

Julie said...

Can't wait to see pictures! (I know you'll get to it before I will...)