Friday, June 26, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Friendly Musical Accessories

In the continuing series on all things music it seems like the right time to feature some way cool accessories for this week’s Eco Fashion Friday! Musicians pay attention, you will be the talk of the stage and studio sporting these babies!

A common item, and one which must operate properly, is the guitar strap. It should be comfortable, adjustable and secure so the guitar player is all those things as well!

Recycled bicycle inner tubes become a funky 2” wide Splaff Flopps Strap.

Cool Straps offers many, well, cool straps, but this burlap option is a fine natural approach with hand stitched details.

Guitar picks are used by many players and in true rock star fashion they are frequently tossed into the crowd at the end of the show. I wondered where all those picks ended up but I think I found them now.

Total awesomeness from Inspired Artwear!

And this necklace from Musical Kitten makes a fine set.

Graphic Tees are really hot items right now and to have funky music themes gives them that extra fun edge.

The handmade Mix Tape tee by Moxie Madness is a unisex option that brings it back old skool.

Plastic bottles blend with organic cotton to form yarn which becomes these cool tees from Revenge Is. Seriously, plastic bottle yarn! (I will be featuring this company next week, come on back for info next Eco Fashion Friday).

Be a cool musician, musical supporter or eco-activist (or all three!) and check out some of these fine environmentally conscious fashion selections! ♥love♥

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

Very cool, those earrings are adorable.
Peace, Judi