Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Boston Water to Receive a Green Upgrade

According to boston.com, water and sewer pipes in our New England state are about to get a big boost. Turns out, Massachusetts is slated to become the proud recipient of $185 million dollars in federal stimulus money and they are planning to use it to update and upgrade long suffering water and sewer infrastructures throughout the state. These are projects that are ready to go right now (about 127 of them in fact) and the designation of funds is going to help create jobs not only in the standard sense but also there is stipulation that 20% of the funds must go toward Green infrastructure projects!

For the complete article please check out Monday’s The Green Blog on boston.com.

Photo taken by Jenn Shon September 2007


Christie Cottage said...

Love the sidewalk sign.

Just watched a piece on PBS about all the polution in the ocean. There's a big section in the pacific ocean where trash accumilates.

I am a big recycler :-)

Judi FitzPatrick said...

Sounds like a great thing for our state and the environment.
Peace, Judi