Friday, August 7, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Billabong

As a staple provider of a slew of athletic gear, Billabong is a company most surfers, snow and skateboarders are intimately familiar with. Well surfers can now feel even better about their impact on the planet as Billabong is now offering a recycled wet suit!

Created from 90% recycled polyester the material used to create these B9Platinum suits is sourced from old fishing nets (available in full style, men’s). The remaining 10% is textile created from flax which is said to provide an exceptional softness on the skin.

The suit comes standard with cool features like a hidden key pocket, a watertight neckline and seams placed specifically to ensure the surfer has total comfort and flexibly to glide on the water, not to mention a triple enhanced knee pad area (PFRE).

The cost for this item might seem a bit steep as they retail for $650 - $699 depending on the model purchased. The next full suit in Billabong’s line, the Platinum-X (also with the PFRE knee technology, comfort seam placement and hidden key pocket) also sells for $649 but is created using all new materials.

After completing an additional cost comparison at $389.99 for a similar style (men’s full suit) and a direct Eco competitor, Body Glove’s Eco2 (non petroleum based but not created from recycled materials), I was a little concerned with the cost of the Billabong suit at first.

The general information I seemed to receive through further research is that the old adage “you get what you pay for” happens to ring completely true. The general rule is that with additional cash outlay comes more flexibility in the suit. Very important for any surfer.

Due to all factors -- use of recycled materials, lack of a women’s version, added comfort, high upfront cost -- I am granting the B9Platinum a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

As a leader in the world of comfort gear for surfers who find their waves in chillier waters I am fully impressed by this eye on the planet, keep up the innovation Billabong!

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I happen to be a big fan of Billabong!

They take good care of the athletes that they sponsor, giving them real life jobs, while continuing to support their life style, that then supports their product.