Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fuji EnviroMAX Batteries Green Alternative to the Old Standard

Recently I was contacted by to check out these new ecologically responsible batteries, review them and provide my honest Leaf Rating. I was excited to receive these AA’s and put them to the test!

The Fuji EnviroMAX battery line was just released for sale in Target stores nationwide on July 26, 2009 and they are really looking to spread the Green word through their efforts to provide a product that is environmentally forward.

At first glance I see that the packaging is 100% recycled material, and it can be recycled as it is a simple cardboard and thin PET plastic (as opposed to PVC as most packaging is which can not be conventionally recycled). What really grabs my attention on the package is the fact they are cadmium and mercury free, because of this fact the batteries are touted as landfill-safe.

Flipping the package over I read the shelf life is up to seven years, although non-rechargeable they can be used in a variety of devices, they are safe in all temperatures and the ozone was unaffected during the manufacturing process. So far I am impressed but needed to do further research, including using them.

I am happy to see that the price for the Super Alkaline version is suggested at $3.99 and hop on over to Target to do a cost comparison. Most of the Green versions available there are rechargeable and 4-packs can run upwards of $16. For standard batteries the price is approximately $4.50 so regardless this environmental option is good on the wallet.

To give a full report on the lifespan of these batteries I have tossed a couple each into various controllers around the house. I will let you know in a future post.

The only thing that nerves me is that they are purported to be created from “the basic elements of the Earth” according to the website and packaging but I can not locate anywhere what those basic elements are**. Without this knowledge I would still be hesitant to toss them into my everyday garbage can. Additionally, the theory is good but the item is disposable so even if it does not harm the landfill via leeching, it will still be a part of it.

With all of this said I am awarding the Fuji EnviroMAX batteries a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

Your efforts to ensure that even disposable options are kept as Green as possible are commendable, keep it up Fuji!

**EDITOR'S NOTE: Upon speaking with a representative of the company I have learned that “the chemicals that are in an EnviroMAX battery are: Iron, nickel, zinc, electrolyte, manganese dioxide, bronze, and paper, all of which are non toxic elements and substances which can be safely discarded in the landfill.”

This is fantastic news and I strongly encourage Fuji to place this information on their packaging of the EnviroMAX batteries so consumers will be aware of the elements included. Regardless, it is great to read they are one of the safest disposable options on the market.

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