Friday, August 14, 2009

Eco Fashion Friday Featured Designer Enuwbe

As a member of Team Eco Etsy it pleases me to locate and feature other team members who showcase their amazing work, so when I came across Enuwbe’s shop I was immediately impressed. Using only organic, sustainable and recycled or reused items throughout the shop, Jen states that she is attempting to toss absolutely nothing into a landfill. Nice!

Personally, I am a nut for comfy clothing - cotton, bamboo, any fabric that is soft and will move with my body - so to see that organic cotton is the number one material of choice here definitely draws me right in. Normally I need to touch an item but for some reason I can just tell how comfortable these clothes will be simply from a photo. It makes me want to curl up and drink some Yerba maté tea on a cool fall morning, come home from the beach all cozy and comfy, or cover up after a relaxing yoga class. Simple comfort.

Enuwbe has the right idea with shipping by utilizing recycled materials of all kinds from business cards to shipping boxes. When selecting the fabrics she uses, Jen does not simply see that it is organic cotton and grab a bolt, she researches the company for their own sustainability and consciousness prior to purchasing. Then she utilizes every last scrap of material she purchases by creating the item, using scraps for appliqués and the teeny pieces unusable for clothing she turns into stuffing for pet beds. Very cool.

My one and only concern is the cost of her items. Not to say that for the time and effort Jen puts into this shop and each hand made piece that the prices are not reasonable, they are, just for the average gal they are a touch high. Most tops hover in the $40 - $69 range, dresses and skirts from $65 - $95, pants $47 - $69 and her cuffs are $14 (they have a pocket too, sweet). There are also maternity clothes, shorts, accessories and one formal dress available in the shop.

With such a strong focus on the planet and sustainability I am awarding Enuwbe a Four Leaf Rating!

Keep up the amazing work Jen, I can not wait to test drive that hoodie pictured above!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for such a lovely review. You are right about the time involved. I can't help it though, it's a labor of love.
Thank you!