Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the Move with NorthStar Moving Corporation

Almost all of us have done it, Matt and I personally joke we are professionals now, college kids are about to do this en mass - moving. Most of us think of moving as a hassle or a headache and many of us also understand the environmental impact this activity can have on the planet due to emissions alone, never mind the lifecycle of boxes or the trucks, and even Greenies may not be thinking of the impact the facility itself will have. So who do we turn to in this stressful time to ensure not only that we remain calm and cared for, but that our planetary impact is low? Well NorthStar Moving Corporation may drive bright red trucks but look closer and all you will see is Green!

Based out of Los Angeles, California, NorthStar Moving is in a prime location but do not let the Southern California address fool you! Although their primary geographic focus is moving folks from the Los Angeles area, they are looking to expand their service in order to move anyone, anywhere. Oh, and they are doing it all in trucks that run on biodiesel.

After the conversion, and once it became clear that the old trucks were harmful to the planet, yet impossible to convert because of their current age and wear, NorthStar Moving hooked up with E-Cycle Environmental to break down and recycle the oldest trucks. E-Cycle also assists by offering a more eco friendly option for folks who are moving and getting rid of bulky, potentially harmful items (such as televisions, computers, etc).

Additionally all the new trucks were outfitted with lift gates that run on battery power as opposed to the engine. Emissions can be further reduced as the truck does not need to be running constantly during a move, the lift will operate while the truck is off. This is a very cool innovation and one I believe is exclusive to NorthStar as I can not find another company that indicates they do this yet.

Of course the awesomeness does not stop at the trucks and their fuel source.

All of the boxes the company sells are created from recycled materials but get this, they will also grant a 25% discount if you bring your boxes back to be recycled. Then the next person can re-purchase those boxes also at a 25% discount. Taking advantage of both moving boxes are sold at a 50% of rate, sweet!

The storage facilities utilize wooden storage compartments (made from recycled materials!) that are stacked in order to save on need for space as well as materials and the warehouses take advantage of natural light (through use of skylights) which helps to save on electricity as well.

All this is well and good but without strong customer service and attention to the client’s needs even the most eco-friendly company will not last very long. NorthStar has been in business for about 15 years and they not only offer a basic door to door moving service but also literal Red Carpet, luxury moving service. These folks have moved everyone from budget conscious college students to Hollywood heavy hitters like Angelina Jolie, Chuck Norris and Eva Longoria.

Not to mention their work with Hollywood Green Team, Sustainable LA** and the pre Oscar Green Carpet party this year. These services truly set them way apart from any other Green moving company out there never mind the fact that they treat everyone the same no matter what their moving budget is.

I spoke with a company representative to see what types of offerings they have at this time and for those in need of a storage solution now is an excellent time to take advantage of NorthStar’s services because in addition to their deal of $49.00 per month for a 5' x 7' x 8' high unit, you are also going to get the first month free. Yippie!

I am completely impressed with the company model that NorthStar is structuring here and like I said, since Matt and I move more often than the average family it is pretty safe to say I will be utilizing these services at some point in the not too distant future myself.

With such an innovative approach and strong planetary focus NorthStar is well deserving of a Four Leaf Rating!

Keep up the amazing work!

** The Downtown Film Festival runs from August 12 - 22 primarily located at the corner of 7th & Figueroa. Sustainable LA is a full day of Green awesomeness that includes speakers, films, parties and advice (all free!) and it takes place on Thursday August 20 from 10AM - 11PM at the Ernst & Young Plaza. If you’re in the area I highly recommend checking it out!

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