Monday, August 3, 2009

GreenSol Offers up its Water in a Plant Based Bio Plastic Water Bottle

Oh yes, you read that correctly! There is a brand new movement in the plastics industry and its initials are PLA -- plant based, poly lactic acid, plastics. GreenSol is leading the charge in producing a more ecologically responsible choice for their water bottles and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one.

Bottled by Nature’s Bottles in Pacifica, CA and filled with natural spring water from Private Spring Water, GreenSol is certainly attempting to live up to their tag line: “Saving the Earth One Bottle At A Time”.

The bottle is made from 100% renewable and sustainable resources (PLA is created from corn starch), consists of no petroleum, is said to biodegrade in a maximum of 90 days when placed in a commercial composting facility, only utilizes 35% of the average fossil fuels and emits approximately 75% less greenhouse gas during manufacture. If composting is not an option the bottles can always be recycled the old fashioned way.

When this bottle of water was shipped to me it was done so in minimal corrugated cardboard packaging (which it was requested I reuse of course!) and protected by corn based packing peanuts. I was informed that the product is made available for larger events and recycling bins are also provided to expedite the renewal of the material.

Major named companies are getting on board with GreenSol from Quaker to Microsoft, REI to Walmart. I can see why. I opened up the water and immediately noticed…well…nothing. There was no after taste like I sometimes experience with standard plastic bottles, it felt just as sturdy and .

One concern is that the cap is not PLA but a PET based. Nature’s Bottles does address this on their website and indicates they are looking into various solutions for a safe and stable alternative. The label however is PLA but another concern is that the glue used to affix it is not mentioned online as being plant based.

With such a focus on turning the table on the “disposable” mindset through use of natural products that will quickly biodegrade to house their water I am granting GreenSol a Four and a Half Leaf Rating!

Very, very impressive! I will feel comfortable re-using this water bottle to fill with my tap water for as long as it lasts.

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ginger said...

hey! i like this! i found out about a year or so ago that jamba juice used that corn based stuff in their foam cups so they're recyclable. cool, huh? i think whole foods uses bags made from corn too.