Thursday, August 27, 2009

Staples Finds it EcoEasy Being Green

Recently while perusing through the local Super Stop and Shop I remembered that I was in desperate need of Wite-Out (review to follow!) and I headed for the office supplies isle. Being a super Greenie sleuth just about anything Earth tone is generally going to catch my eye. Being a writer when the brown thing is a composition book there is no way I will not pick it up. When I flipped it over Staples won me over and this baby went straight into the cart!

Inside the front cover is a world of information on this innocent looking comp book. Not only is the book made from 80% waste, it is made from sugarcane, a more rapidly renewing resource than trees! Then to top it all off the inks used to print the covers and page lines are water or vegetable based.

Staples EcoEasy line offers over 3000 products including this comp book. They are also available online for purchase** and the prices are fairly competitive with the similar not so eco friendly versions. The cost of my comp book was $2.49 at the grocery store and online it is being offered for the same price. Not too bad!

Ball point pen ink doesn’t bleed through at all so I could write front to back with no fear of illegibility. Of course I do not always use ball point so I tested a few other types of pens from thick Sharpie to fine Sharpie to a Rolling ball style. Both markers did show through some, but less than I had expected, and the liquid rolling ball was somewhat visible but better.

Based on my own writer’s test of this composition notebook, the Staples EcoEasy line as a whole and the company’s solid efforts to save trees and energy, I am granting this baby a Three and a Half Leaf Rating!

For all of my future office supply needs I will be sure to check out Staples EcoEasy line first! Keep up the great ideas folks! ♥love♥

**As a side note, OneCause will donate 1.5% of all purchases made at Staples online store so do not forget to set up a OneCause account and download the toolbar prior to shopping so the school of your choice (such as Adventure School in Tucson) can benefit as well. Being Green is Easy!

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