Friday, May 8, 2009

Eco-Fashion Friday Featured Designer - Green Is Black

Summer. Cabanas. Warm weather and fruity drinks by the pool or seashore. Suntan lotion and surfing. Ah yes, and in every one of these scenarios the all important bathing suit creeps in. While on the search for environmentally conscious swimwear I came across Green is Black, a company who carries just about any type of clothing imaginable (up to and including Vegan footwear) for both men and women. On their homepage I was immediately impressed as they boldly state to provide “Liberation from the burlap cliché”. In reviewing their entire collection it is clear they mean it!

With swimsuit season on the way my intent is to focus on this particular collection but for the guys out there please do not be disheartened! There is an entire line of clothing for men including pants, shorts, T’s (really cool graphic ones at that), vests, jackets and even button up collar shirts. Check out the men’s line here. For the ladies who dare to bare all in a bikini this summer, read on for my review of Green is Black’s swimwear.

The company offers the above bikini which really impressed me as it is created from repurposed denim outer and the lining is made from both organic cotton and bamboo fibers (known for antibacterial and absorption properties). The company is Canadian and the item is made in Canada, reducing emissions for transportation. What I was happy to see on this item is the availability of sizes in small, medium and large as I discovered on many of their items (both men’s and women’s) there is only one size available. The starting price point for this bikini was $78 but it has been marked down to $68. In doing a little research I had a difficult time finding any swimwear made from or including bamboo fiber or organic cotton. Denim was also somewhat difficult to track down; I wanted to do a realistic price comparison. Instead I opted to review specialty swimsuit sites and it became clear that the cost for the suit by GiB is well within reasonable for a custom design as I found suits anywhere from $50 - $280!

Overall I am fairly impressed by Green is Black and if I had the bod to pull it off I might even consider donning this baby on the beach this summer. For their strong environmental efforts and decent price as well as total company eye on ethical treatment of employees I am granting their swimwear line a Four Leaf Rating!

I might not be able to work your bikini but I will definitely be back to check out the rest of your amazing eco-friendly fashions! ♥love♥

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wylde otse said...

great idea! denim, looks great.

btw... does it come with anything in it?