Friday, May 15, 2009

Eco-Fashion Friday Featured Designer: Off the Hooks

For a couple weeks now I have thought it might be nice to include a hat maker in our Eco-Fashion Friday series so when I came across Off the Hooks I knew they would be a perfect candidate for a review! Off the Hooks is a Canadian based shop who indicates they use “handspun & hand-dyed yarn, and eco-friendly goodies using locally-sourced, vegan, and upcycled materials whenever possible” and they also ship internationally. They carry fingerless gloves, legwarmers, booties, bags, scarves, home accessories, yarn and those funky hats.

With a range of colors and styles many items in the shop are universal to men or women and both can afford to own one of these fabulous hand knit hats with the average price point at roughly $21. Making use of organic fiber, cotton, wool, reclaimed fiber and even some vegan yarn they are certainly Earth minded. Not to mention they give tips for how a cotton hat can even be worn in the summer to keep us cool.

The only drawbacks I could find were a lack of selection in the hat department (only 9 currently available), they only listed measurements in centimeters, and cost to ship is a bit pricey on some items but overall these folks really impressed me as professional and seem very easy to work with so I am granting them a Four Leaf Rating!

Keep up the great work Off the Hooks! ♥love♥

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Bridgete said...

Ooh! I need more hats. This is great!