Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unconventional and Eco Friendly -- Animals

From art to clothing more and more people are surfing the environmental wave and locating products that are a benefit to the planet. My research on all things Green always leads me down some truly fun paths with amazing discoveries that I love to share with everyone here. In the past couple days I have come across some truly wild finds as related to animals in both the art and clothing categories. Prepare to be amazed!

Yes the gal in the photo above is indeed wearing a fur coat. Yes it is an environmentally viable solution. How is that you might ask? The fur is reclaimed hair from the pet standing next to her. Oh yes, I am quite serious.

I came across an old article on the blog If Its Hip, Its Here with regard to owners saving the hair that their pets shed and then sending it out to be cleaned and spun into yarn then turned into all sorts of clothing items. A couple of the ladies featured on the blog make hats, scarves, wraps, jumpers, sweaters, coats, anything conceivable that can be worn.

I would ask my Vegan friends and readers to please let me know if this is something that would be within the realm of possible for your lifestyle. Please feel free to discuss in the comments.

Known as Buck Jr., these laser cut deer heads are created from cardboard. But not just any cardboard; 100% recycled material for the added environmental benefit. The item is extremely lightweight and a fun, kitchy alternative to actually going out and knocking off a real deer.

Cardboard Safari does not just carry flat packed, ready for assembly deer heads however. The shop is chock full of moose, bison, trees, wreaths, full rhinos and a myriad of other funky recycled trophies for your wall or desktop. Talk about a conversation piece! The prices are extremely reasonable but just remember this is a do it yourself kit which they ship to you with all cut pieces included.


Bridgete said...

lol. Love the cardboard heads.

I've often said I could make another cat out of the fur I clean up, lol.


Those cardboard deer are fabulous!!

Eh, recycled pet hair, nooooo!
Reason One - DH has Allergies
Reason Two - You will STINK when it rains, think wet dog!!

Good luck to those who go for it though!

Jenn said...

ARTISANNE that is a really good point about the wet dog smell. Kind of makes me feel a little nauseated just thinking about it haha!