Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yes I Am Already Talking About Tomorrow

A few weeks ago on our second Eco Fashion Friday, I featured a company called Blend Apparel, owned and operated by the incredibly awesome and loving Jon Marro out in Berkeley, California. I discussed that Jon was gracious enough to allow me to interview him last summer when I was writing for another blog, The Organic Mechanic, so I contacted him to see if he would be interested in doing a follow up interview; a where are they now if you will. Not only was Jon receptive to the idea he was just about as overjoyed to get and respond to the questions as I was to create and send them!

This guy is one amazing interviewee so I wanted to somewhat pimp the interview in advance by sharing the fact that he was kind enough to take his time to do it.

Seriously, if there is only one Eco Fashion Friday you ever read, make it tomorrow.

I am also going to request a little help from readers tomorrow as well as a way to share in that love. When you get to the end of the interview, if your heart is swelled as much as I think it will be, I am going to ask for everyone to grab a copy of the thumbnail with the Blend logo and link back to the GLR interview post as a way to continue to spread that love all over the blogosphere! All of you fine readers have readers that I don’t have and I truly feel that everyone should be able to share in Jon’s words.

Yes I am serious, and tomorrow you will understand just what I mean.

Thanks Jon, I am greatly looking forward to posting all of your awesomeness tomorrow!


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