Thursday, May 21, 2009

Eco-Fashion Friday Featured Designer: ecoSkin

Very cool, sexy and yes eco-friendly, this one is only for the ladies as I review ecoSkin. Founded and run by Sandy Skinner this Los Angeles based company has been in business since 2007 when Skinner set out to prove that Treehugger and Hot could indeed fall in the same sentence. She easily pulls it off.

The ecoSkin spring 2009 collection is purported to be inspired by landscapes of the Earth, they make use of coconut & wood for all buttons and the fabrics are restricted to bamboo Tencel knit spandex and woven bamboo. Tencel is a wood pulp (sourced from sustainable tree farms). Bamboo is rapidly becoming a favorite fabric of clothing designers as it has some inherent properties which make it an environmentally friendly selection such as: rapidly renewable, sustainable, pesticide/insecticide/fertilizer free, biodegradable, 3X more absorbent than cotton, antibacterial, antifungal, antistatic.

The company HQ is in Los Angeles, California and clothing is sold in 28 states in a plethora of shops throughout the United States. Items are also sold in Australia (Victoria), Europe (Belgium) and Canada (Alberta, British Columbia).

The only drawback I could find with this company is the price of current collection items as the average price of spring collection 2009 dresses is around $150 (keep in mind however that the more bamboo that is turned to fiber, the less expensive it will become over time). There are however some amazing deals on the fall 2008 collection in the ecoSkin sale section so for those interested in giving bamboo clothing a try this is an excellent place to start.

Due to their strong Earth connection, yet moderately out of reach for the average eco-gal price tag, I am granting ecoSkin a Four Leaf Rating!

I am overly impressed with this innovative and feminine inspired company ♥love♥


Audrey said...

That is a great dress!! But you are right about the price - OUCH!

AtHomeWithSewSuzanne said...

I love this blog!!! Go green! The dress is very pretty. Why does good for the earth always cost so much!!!???

LillyShayStyle said...

I love the dress, I hope someday ecofriendly (anything) will be much cheaper.

Almost Precious said...

Yes, sometimes being green is expensive.