Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is This “Back to the Future” or the Real Deal?

Doc Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) was leaps and bounds ahead of the curve by building a car that ran on food scraps being placed into the flux capacitor. Written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, the movie Back to the Future really has nothing on today’s story about a Formula 3 car that is actually built from veggie scraps!

The car has the logo “WorldF3rst Racing” emblazoned on all sides and indicates it is “A force for sustainable motor racing”. They really mean it too as the vehicle has made use of potatos in the wind mirrors, carrots in the steering wheel, soy based foam in the driver’s seat and recycled and/or sustainable material everywhere else. The coolest thing of all is that they took Doc Brown’s idea and ran right over to the chocolate factory to collect their waste products; the car essentially runs on chocolate bio-fuel.

With all of these green initiatives one might think the car would never run but in truth the engineers are currently working on getting it up to speeds of 150 mph. Unfortunately, due to regulations within the racing industry, the fuel source is not approved as of yet for actual racing so it might be a while before this vehicle makes its way into the competitive track.

The innovation of these folks is really blowing me away. Check it out for yourself in this video. The car scoots around the parking lot blowing smoke but remember, that smoke might just smell like an environmentally delicious piece of candy.

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Judi FitzPatrick said...

Awesome - so eating chocolate actually can help supply more fuel for this car - bring it on!!!
Peace, Judi
P.S. When I came here from FB, word ver. did show.