Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The New Trend -- Turning Plastic Bags into Plarn

Knitting and crocheting have long fascinated me as I enjoy seeing the finished pieces but never had the level of patience required to sit down and learn the skill. My Mom, Photographer by day, is a knitting fiend by night and she has made everything from baby bibs to Afghans to extremely intricate and involved clothing pieces. For years she has been trying to get me to learn the fine art of working yarn over needles but it is just not me -- so instead I will write about it!

This growing trend to use old plastic bags as yarn is amazing. The name associated with this substance has been dubbed plarn in the crafting community. Just like wool is eventually turned into yarn on a spinning wheel, the grocery store bags must first be turned into skeins of yarn fit for the needles.

The following photos depict sellers on Etsy who are using plarn in all forms from skein to finished product (it is not just about purses anymore!). Please check out their shops to see even more amazing, fun items!

Copabananas is among a growing number of artists who create and wrap skeins of plarn. The color selections available are amazing!

Check out Misty Amber Art to see details on this awesome plarn hat created from more than twenty five bags.

I can barely contain my excitement to share La Bolsa Chica, from dog collars to garden items this is how to use plarn!

There are fun bags made from plarn like this one from The Plastic Baggery. It has beaded accents and is fabric lined for added durability.

Dava Eva Designs gets down on the floor with this rug that blends plarn and yarn for a fantastic outdoor welcome mat solution.

All of these artists display innovation at its finest and a true love for the planet. The combined items above have saved countless bags from the landfill. Way to go!



That is so cool, I'm just learning crochet, I want some plarn!!!

AtHomeWithSewSuzanne said...

No this is so way cool! What a great idea!!! I love this blog....

Bridgete said...

How cool!

Misty said...

This is Misty from Misty Amber Art. Thanks so much for this article! I've recently started my business and I apreciate the review...

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